Books for Dudes by Chicks

In an interview about online dating while feminist, Jaclyn Friedmen pointed out the pathetic lack of female authors in the Favorite Books section of most male profiles. Chuck Palahniuk? Check. Stieg Larsson? Check. John Irving? Check. Every now and then you may get lucky and stumble upon an Ayn Rand. Jane Green and Candice Bushnell are probably not the optimal bag for most dudereaders, but there must be a few lady-written pieces out there that aren’t too full of girly stuff. If you’re shopping for a special fellow and are in the business of broadening horizons, try one of these:

Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahira

If he likes: stories of immigrants struggling to assimilate (or to not).

In a sentence: A collection of sparse, searing stories negotiates the territory of cultural harmony and discord between parents and offspring, husbands and wives. _________________________________________________________________________

March by Geraldine Brooks

If he likes: the Civil War, New England elitism, lonely man-on-the-road epics.

In a sentence: While the XX members of the March family await his return in Concord, MA, the absent father of the Little Women slogs through a brutal war and the long walk home. _________________________________________________________________________

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

If he likes: Prohibition, circuses, descriptions of beautiful women doing ridiculous acrobatics with their breasts.

In a sentence: The young Jacob Jankowski hops aboard a traveling circus in the early 1920s seeking escape and adventure only to find himself inextricably tangled in the sinister operations of his tentmates.


Brother, I’m Dying by Edwidge Danticat

If he likes: stories about brothers enduring together, coming-to-America tales of hardship

In a sentence: A memoir recounts the history of two aging Haitian brothers, one back on the island, the other a taxi driver in NYC, and the sacrifices each has made for the other.


Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie

If he likes: brutal war stories, African history, epics with rotating narrators

In a sentence: The Nigerian civil war in 1967 is told from the perspective of a teenage houseboy, a black professor’s wife, and a white British ex-pat caught in the crossfire.



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