Embrace:Me Project

I magically woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and have had an excellent day. Part of my good mood is no doubt attributed to a super cool project I’m participating in on a great healthy-living blog, I Came To Run. I should clarify that by “healthy living,” I do NOT mean starvation-diet, 800-calories-per-day, must-lose-6lb-this-week living.

The project is called Embrace:ME and it goes something like this:

“a project designed to encourage body confidence and treating yourself with a healthy, accepting attitude.  I feel strongly that by adopting a more positive attitude toward our own bodies, we can combat the effects of the pressure we feel from external sources, and from ourselves.”

The post I wrote last week about thunder-thighs and gym-criticism is now featured on I Came To Run as the inaugural post of the Embrace:Me project. I’m really excited to participate, and you should too! If you’ve got a story/comment/photo/blogpost/etc that reinforces body confidance, self-acceptance or healthy accomplishments, send them to Emilie at icametorun@gmail.com.

I Came To Run achieved moderate internet fame (at least in my internet circles) with an incredible post on Jezebel about the Special K Challenge (wherein participants lose weight by eating Special K products). ICTR calculates out the calorie intake in the Special K recommendations and concludes that they are essentially pushing mass anorexia and that it is patently irresponsible. I couldn’t agree more.

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