Crazy Shit You Can Buy on Etsy: The Period Edition

After Ashton Kutcher’s period mix-tape in No Strings Attached, menstruation-related gift-giving has been elevated to a whole new level.  The time honored tradition of “here take a midol + I’m going to ignore that bitchy thing you said” is no longer sufficient. Etsy to the rescue! This is the 2011 Menstrual Calendar from crafter Vivelacraft, based in Barcelona.

The designer, who describes herself as “kind of obsessed with menstruation-related things and Mexican aesthetics” also suggests:

These calendars are great as a holiday gift. Useful, pretty, affordable. Your girlfriends will love them!

Well, friends, how about it? Matching period calendars for everyone? I’m all for demystifying menstruation, but I’m not sure that a blue-haired pixie girl dripping blood is going to work for me.

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8 responses to “Crazy Shit You Can Buy on Etsy: The Period Edition

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