Amateur Advertising Hour

Would you like a signed photo of the cast of Home Improvement? Are you willing to pay $155? How about the battle axe of Gimli for $299? Or my favorite, a Slytherin tie signed by Daniel Radcliffe and J.K. Rowling? Wait a minute… why would Harry Potter sign a Slytherin tie? Trickery!

These are some of the top notch items purchase-able at everymemorabilia. How did I find such a site? Oh, only through this stellar piece of advertising:

That is not a distortion… just a straight scan. Not sure what’s going on with her body, or why a photo shoot of a funhouse-mirrored “celebrity” in a tacky prom dress connotes celebrity glamour…. What strange publication was this gem of an ad buried in?

That would be the February 7th issue of People.

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