A Brief History of Party Down, Courtesy of Details Magazine

I miss the Jane Lynch of yore, before the track suit and sneer had taken hold, the Jane Lynch of Party Down. The underrated, underappreciated show barely made it two seasons, but it holds a special place in my heart (mostly because it starred Adam Scott, who in a mere four episodes of Boy Meets World as Griff Hawkins managed to encapsulate all of my adolescent bad boy dreams).


Though we can never recapture the glory days, this cast and crew interview from Details is a brief foray back into the Party Down world. Apparently, Paul Rudd was supposed to star as Henry and Steve Carell was potentially on deck for bozo catering manager Ron Donald (although, really Steve? Do you want to play idiot bosses forever?)

Highlight of the round table: Ctrl-F “sin say shun” if you want to read what happens when prop masters are in car accidents while carting around adult props for a porn-awards-show episode.


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