Josh Tyson over at The Good Men Project did a great interview with comic Rob Delaney. Even though I know it’s a low bar, I’m always so tickled when men identify as feminists. Women have a difficult enough time wrapping their heads around the term, given that its meaning is often confused with that of a man-hating, bra-burning (never happened!), lesbian feminazi. Supreme Court Justice extraordinaire Sandra Day O’Connor famously declined the label in a New York Times Magazine interview.

The self-proclaimed non-feminist

All the semantic confusion makes even the most feminist-in-principle (ahem Justice O’Connor) squirm away from the label, which is why I was so pleased when raunch comic Delaney proudly adopted the F badge. He also says,

“Sexism and misogyny still run rampant in our world and in our culture and it will be the death of us if we don’t seek to counter it in our own lives. So I do focus on women a bit more in my comedy, because I think that destructive sexism is sort of the final frontier in prejudice. It would seem that racism and homophobia are closer to extinction than is sexism.”

So refreshing!

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