Letter from Billy

Letters of Note is a super cool blog that publishes a huge range of correspondence from famous people and not-so-famous people from years past and present day. This 2010 example, between a judge and an attorney regarding the attorney’s grandson’s impending bris, is brilliant.

Check out this exchange between a comedian posing as a 10-year-old and Hustler founder Larry Flynt:

Pretty cute. Although I’m not sure why Flynt suggested Sears when you’ve got Guess, Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein on billboards 30 feet high. If you were a 1o-year-old looking for naked ladies (or a comedian pretending to be a 10-year-old), which do you choose?


Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein

Adriana Lima for VS

Point is, little Billy and all his naked lady-seeking peers don’t have to look far.


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