Sunday Scraps

1. BODY IMAGE: Addicted to textsfromlastnight? Spend a lot of time thinking about body image/health/beauty etc? Meet your dream site.

2. FASHION: I want this coat. I’m not cool enough to wear it, but whatever. From NYMag‘s slideshow of the best/worst of February fashion magazines.

3. SPORTS: Iron Girl founder Judy Molnar is the shit. Triathalons here I come?

4. SPORTS/BODY IMAGE: The coffee-table book came out years ago, but the images are apparently just hitting the internet. The human body really is pretty fucking awesome, no?

5. SEX: Posts like this (NSFW) are why I love pornstar James Deen. Introspective, sex-positive, feminist… swoon.

6. THE INTERNETS: What happens when an Etsy crafter tries to strike back at Regretsy? Read the comments.

Related Post: Another list… who do you want to know instead of who do you want to bang.

Related Post: Letters from Johns and Working Girls… addictive reading from Susannah Breslin.



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