What Do Zappos and Air Fresheners Have in Common?

It’s Saturday. I’m on a bus somewhere in northern Illinois, so be jealous (kidding, there is nothing at all to see). In the meantime, enjoy the latest in odd genitalia-related advertising, from Zappos! It starts off pretty basic:Yes, yes, quick, remove all your hair! If I felt like being offended, I could probably work up the energy….but meh.¬† In the grand scheme of irritating advertising this nod to gender norms is really not worth getting worked up about. BUT WAIT.

The “Happy to Help” is the best part. Happy to help shopping? Or grooming? I guess there’s no prescriptive “you must wax yourself to death” like that horrible Groupon Superbowl spot, but this is not my favorite piece of Zappos advertising. I much prefer the stickers on the security bins at the airport. Kind of brilliant, right? As you drop your scuffed, gnarly-looking shoes into the bin for everyone to scoff at, there’s an ad for Zappos, just in case you were wondering where to buy your next pair.

And then there’s this (not official, but still hilarious) feminine hygiene ad:

Removed per request of Magic Tree

Don’t stop there, enjoy this entire gallery from CopyRanter of vagina-related ads.

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