Sunday Scraps Week 3

1. TELEVISION: The Wire, reimagined as a Dickensian serialized novel. Kind of trippy, but way fun….if you know anything about The Wire… and Dickens.

2. MEDIA: Letter to Good Morning America about Chris Brown’s antics… and their less-than-adequate response. He broke a window, they wish him the “absolute best.”

3. SEX IN THE OLDEN DAYS: Gallery of vintage condom wrappers, back when they came in classy paper envelopes.

4. YOUTH: WBEZ story about a Chicago organization redefining masculinity for a generation lacking examples.

5. CLEVELAND: On the scene in Cleveland: “I did it with my teacher 25 years ago. I knew how to keep my mouth shut, and I got straight A’s. I hope this jackass gets the failing grades he deserves.”

6. ROSIE: Soap + Rosie = Oh Thank God

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4 responses to “Sunday Scraps Week 3

  1. Oh my goodness – I clicked on the one that’s a comment on some teacher sex article and could not BELIEVE one of the other comments:

    “If this whore ever tried that crap with one of my underage sons, I would want her to be thrown under the jail.”

    Um? 2 things:
    1. They published a letter with that kind of language? Not to be a prude, but I’m shocked!
    2: What happens “under the jail”? Is it a dungeon? Filled with ants? Why is this a special punishment? I’m curious. . . but maybe it was just a typo.

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