Words Are Hard

This is what happens when you google image "incoherence"

Today is one of those days where I have lots to say, but none of the energy to say any of it. I turn in times like this to exceptionally smart people who also like words and maybe just maybe have more energy than me.

Case in point: budget, shut down, abortion, Planned Parenthood, gender, war on women, semantics, back the F up people. Were I feeling up to it, that would be a thoughtful, coherent series of sentences that would hopefully have a point, a persuading argument and a conclusion. Tough cookies. So I give you Kate, founder of Smart Girls, Stupid Things, who says things like this:

“Abortion isn’t the issue; it’s the tip of the iceberg. These people aren’t going to go halfsies with you on a PB&J; they want all or nothing, and they’re not going to stop until they can refuse women the right to purchase Plan B, or birth control, or anything that lets women take control of their own bodies.”

See, look at those beautiful sentences! With nouns and verbs in all the right places! Go read the rest of her post about the current brouhaha so I can go back to sleep.

I will hopefully be back to the world of the living later today. After coffee. And a bagel. And coffee. And a nap. And maybe some cake.

Related Post: Back when I was articulate, here’s my infographic take on the conservative roadmap to your reproductive future. It was even on Jezebel.

Related Post: I’ve written a bit for Smart Girls, Stupid Things on subjects like James Deen’s feminist porn credentials and the problem with lady sex on TV.



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