Why Bother Talking About Anything Else?

Liberals get confused too

As someone not directly touched by the tragedy of 9/11, I was surprised by the depth of my own relief last night when the internet exploded with news of Bin Laden’s death. Since, rightly, this is all we will be talking about today, I will not attempt to pivot to something comparatively trivial. We can talk about bikinis in advertising, or the latest feminist travesty (there’s always a new one), tomorrow.

In summary:

  • Read this excellent post at Smart Girls, Stupid Things by someone who was in New York in 2001, about her complex feelings watching the news last night.
  • On a lighter note, CopyRanter has a gallery of Osama related advertising (Hint: There’s one for condoms).
  • Coverage of his death on AlJazeera English.
  • My favorite tweet of the evening: “‘I loosened it’ – Bush”
  • I’m not a fan of the party culture that erupted last night, though I guess we all express our relief in different ways. NYMag has a gallery of party shots at Ground Zero.

Related Post: Gail Collins’ excellent response after the Tucson shooting.

Related Post: More good words from Smart Girls on Planned Parenthood funding.


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