Sunday Scraps 10

1. BAMBOO CEILING: Really excellent long form essay by Wesley Yang about what happens when a generation of Asian men who were raised on their immigrant parents’ metrics of success hit the American working world.

2. ADDICTION: NYT article on how Generation Overshare is wreaking havoc on the tried and true system of anonymity at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

3. FOOD/ART: They Draw and Cook has a gorgeous gallery of illustrated recipes submitted by artists worldwide.

4. GAMING/GENDER: I know nothing about gaming, but now I kind of wish I did. Go Make Me a Sandwich is a kickass blog  with sociological commentary on the aesthetics and sexualization of female video game characters.

5. MUSIC: The PS22 kids strike again, with Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

6. PEOPLE: This profile of little-known photographer Vivian Maier is fascinating and the pictures are just… wow.

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