Sunday Scraps 12

1. HUMOR: Chelsea Handler on being obnoxious, on the genderized word “raunchy,” on having an abortion at 16.

2. SEX EDUCATION: Finally, something sane out of the Illinois legislature. Including contraception in sex education, what a novel idea!

3. FIERCE: My Beyonce crush continues to grow with this charming acceptance speech at the Billboard Music Awards. “I love me some Jay Z!” I always forget they’re married!

4. ART: A monkey could do that! O RLY? A Boston College study shows that people actually do prefer “real” abstract art to crap that kids and monkeys do. On the other hand… it was a pretty small sample size and personally, I can’t tell the difference.

5. ROMANCE: The Frenemy has the worst pick-up email ever, includes a) his “1,100 screaming traders” at his “very successful private equity firm,” b) a sailboat, and c) no fewer than FOUR phone numbers.

6. DOLLARS: The income gap between men and women widens the more degrees you have. So from a gender equity position, I should have dropped out a long time ago.

Related Post: Let’s backtrack for a change, and see where we were 2 months ago (Cleveland, Chris Brown, The Wire, vintage condoms, etc).

Related Post: And 1 month ago (Brazilian volleyball players, gay marriage, skinny jeans, fake pregnancies, etc).


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