One of the great joys of blogging (besides instant internet fame and mad dollars) is seeing all the happy accidents that result in strangers landing on your blog.

For example, I have somehow ingratiated myself with a circle of craigslist communities in cities from Birmingham, AL to Tucson, AZ. Apparently, a post I wrote about the OkTrends data on body image and sex drive answered the age-old question: “Why do black dudes love fatties?” The post has been linked to on several dozen craigslist message boards. Thanks for the traffic, guys, but I doubt I have what you’re looking for.

Similarly, I often wonder how search engines correlate crazy terms with my posts. “Man who picked up beer cans with his scrotum” was a particularly egregious example. I don’t even have a post with the word “scrotum” in it at all.

The searcher looking for “girls dressed like hookers” was probably not very excited when he found the post I wrote about Caitlin Flanagan’s WSJ article. And the searcher who typed “how could i get my friend to show me his penis” was probably not thrilled when Matty’s guest post popped up.

The declaritive search terms are the best, like “Fiercely real is a joke Tyra.” Why yes, yes it is. Or the astute observational search term, like “people really don’t fuck like in porn.” You’re kidding!

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