Sunday Scraps 14

Due to a long and complicated story involving Alfred Hitchcock, a 38 caliber shotgun, turquoise jewelry and a bad case of emphysema, I missed a plane this morning and was unable to post Sunday Scraps until now. Have no fear, that fascinating story will follow later this week. In the meantime, it is still technically Sunday. Enjoy:
1. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? What if Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte had suffered through the recession with the rest of us? The $400 shoes go out the window. Susannah Breslin wrote a great “what if” piece for HuffPo.

2. SECRETARY: A slide show of “office wives” through the last century.

3. DETROIT: Super cool ride-along piece from GQ about the demolition crews responsible for the knocking down thousands of Detroit’s abandoned houses.

4. ART: The world’s 25 most pointless pieces of graffiti. Featured: plums, continental breakfasts, Rod Stewart, and low-cost airlines.

5. WEIGHT LOSS “MIRACLES”: Ugh. See what really makes people drop 14lb in a week. Hint: It’s not healthy living and a moderate amount of exercise. After a starvation strategy, one contestant gained back 32lb in 5 days as his body tried to find equilibrium.

6. BEST PRANK EVER: Large scale “landscaping” and a bunch of middle schoolers produce a penis you can see from Google Earth.

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5 responses to “Sunday Scraps 14

  1. Eleni Chappen

    re: GQ’s article on Detroit
    I loved that article, but here’s another take on the issue:

    Seems like Detroit is 50 years behind other American Cities with out-of-control suburbanization…

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