Necessary Roughness

I was home sick yesterday and the daytime TV options were slimmmm pickings. I decided to forgo the ANTM marathon, I cannot tolerate the ladies of The Talk, and Guy Fieri and his backward sunglasses only entertain for so long.

So I tried USA’s new Necessary Roughness out of sheer love for Callie Thorne (and because three episodes were available…) Thorne plays a stellar crazypsychobitch on Rescue Me and she was McNulty’s wife on The Wire. Double win. The premise sounded fun (a divorced Long Island therapist starts counseling members of a pro football team). Seemed like good sick-on-the-couch fare.

It’s full of gems like this: Did you know that when picking up men at bars, an appletini says fun, while a vodka martini says bitter? And two olives? Emasculating. Who knew?

Or conversations like this:

Dr. Dani (Thorne): Ma! he cheated on me! More than once!

Ma: But less than Tiger Woods!

When she gets hassled by her new boss for attending Hofstra University instead of a fancy Ivy League, she responds:

“I was accepted at NYU and Columbia doctoral programs but declined because I had two small children to carpool and a husband who expected dinner on the table.”

So we’ve got cheating bastard husband, rebellious teenage children, a couple of professional football players… and Mark Blucas. I think I might give it another try. Plus, Thorne is just really amusing when she gets worked up…which is a lot.

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3 responses to “Necessary Roughness

  1. another good show…suits…it’s not mad men’s poor cousin (like i thought)…

  2. Michelle

    Oh please, please let Mark Blucas have more personality than his cardboard character of Riley on Buffy.

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