Sunday Scraps 20

1. BODY: Kate at Eat the Damn Cake had a stellar guest-poster this week named Anna who wrote an essay about the kind of language her young cousins were overhearing about body image.

2. PLAY: I did NOT have shit like this as a child. New York Times has a slideshow of some of the most elaborate playhouses around. $150K for a playhouse? I don’t care if it looks like a pirate ship!

3. BLOOD SCIENCE: In the absence of Dexter, spend some time examining this super nifty diagram of blood spatter analysis, from

4: MARRIAGE: Here’s a rather convincing editorial about polygamous marriage and why the state shouldn’t mess with them. If you strip out the nasty child bride stuff, where’s your argument?

5: AMBIEN: Hilarious take from The Hairpin on what happens when a female comedian with an Ambien addiction finds herself in Dubai without her fix. Surprisingly moving at the end, too!

6: DATING: Jesse Eisenberg of Social Network fame wrote a how-to for McSweeney’s about what the post-heteronormative dude is supposed to do while trying to pick up chicks. Good luck, gentlemen.

Related Post: Sunday last week: Westboro crazies, Stanford Prison Experiment, Dan Savage as bully?, and the doc who worked on JFK.

Related Post: Two weeks ago: resisting misogyny in advertising, period marketing, and how texting is saving dying languages.


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