The Promiscuity Line According to AskMen

SATC's Samantha Jones helpfully summarizes my thoughts on this survey result

Oy vey. This is one of those articles where I just want to shake people by the collar and say “FOR REALZ?”

In a nutshell: The Great American Male Survey (conducted by the experts over at polled men about how many sexual partners make a woman “promiscuous.” Want to guess the winning response? Five. Sigh.

Well Said: Read Chiara Atik’s response on HowAboutWe in which she does some handy math involving average age of virginity-loss and average age of marriage and all of the years of celibacy that a “five” might require.

Methodological Concerns: The question was asked in a non-gender neutral way. While probably intentional, I think you might get more interesting results if you took out the gender references. Ask “At what point does a person become sexually promiscuous?” instead of “At what point does a woman become sexually promiscuous?” I wonder if men might give a little more leeway if they were potentially measuring themselves and their buds.

Worth Noting: Interesting that Americans are the most conservative regarding the promiscuity question. They are more than twice as likely as Brits to think 5 partners crosses a line. In fact, 9% of British dudes pinned the promiscuity line at 50 partners.

Other Fun Results: About half of dudes would dump girlfriends if they got “fat.” 25% responded “I have no sex life” to the question “How satisfied are you with your sex life.” (Maybe they shouldn’t dump their girlfriends when they get fat.) 55% think they can tell when women fake orgasms, which is almost as funny as the 23% that are sure of it.

Related Post: This is almost as irritating as that terrible Atlantic piece about “granting sex.”

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8 responses to “The Promiscuity Line According to AskMen

  1. Hilarious and witty, your bite is ever more pronounced when you get a meatier fillet to sink your acerbic fangs into. LOVE your posts. Full glee 😀

  2. Were these sex partners serial or concurrent? Also, was there any indication that “promiscuous” held a negative connotation overall?

    • Great questions. The question was phrased “At what point does a woman become sexually promiscuous?” and the answers were phrased “When she sleeps with her tenth partner.” etc. So no indication about concurrent/serial. And as for the negative connotations, you are absolutely correct in pointing out that “promiscuous” isn’t inherently negative. Judging based on the comments, though… it seems like the poll-takers felt that promiscuity was not a neutral descriptor, but a reflection of morals and date-ability. Good point though!

      • The serial v. concurrent was halfway to be a joke, but only halfway.

        I not sure about the direct effect of promiscuity on date-ability though, even with the comments. It would certainly affect marriageability, but the majority of men polled supposedly wouldn’t let that lack stop them from dating her.

        They also didn’t bother to separate her sex partners by gender. If she’s had 2 guys but 3 girls I’d say the response would be different. 😉 My gender is so delusional, both about the gender of her partners making a difference and about the likelihood that they’re going to get MFF threesome out of it.

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