Sunday Scraps 21

1. JOY: I don’t know who can avoid sniffling at this amazing Buzzfeed gallery of pictures of happy gay couples moments before or moments after they tie the legal knot in New York.

2. TERRORISM: Glenn Greenwald’s Salon essay about the pervasive assumptions about terrorism and Islam (even by the NYT) is really interesting in the wake of the attacks in Oslo.

3. GENDER: I fell a little bit in love with this Good Men Project essay by Brian Gresko about being an occasionally cross-dressing straight man and about how his bouts of beautification helped him meet his wife.

4. MEDIA: NYMag recaps the paywall decision of the New York Times. Apparently, it’s working. Who knew people would still pay for content?

5. GEEK: Flowtown makes awesome graphics, like this one about the evolution of “geeks.” Tech geeks, video geeks, music geeks, gadget geeks…. What kind are you?

6. FNL: Lorrie Moore has discovered a secret: writers love Friday Night Lights. She writes about all the reasons why for the New York Review of Books.

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