First Date Sex, GMP Edition

Last week, The Frisky published my flowchart on putting out on the first date. Not to be taken literally, the chart was a very, very rough approximation of my personal thoughts on the subject. On a vaguely more serious note (though I do use words like “rando” and “freaky deaky”), I wrote about the subject for The Good Men Project this week. All of you who took the survey (thanks a bunch!) were immensely helpful in allowing me to get out of my own head and my own experience. Here’s the GMP piece, hope you feel I did you justice!

P.S. Props to Lisa at GMP for choosing the best photo ever.

Related Post: Last week on the GMP, I wrote about cougars, MILFs, and general thoughts on dating age gaps.

Related Post: Two weeks ago on the GMP, I interviewed the notorious (at least, on this blog) pornstar James Deen.



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