Sunday Scraps 23

1. WORDS: Coolest new Google gadget until the next cool Google gadget comes out. This one lets you track and compare the frequency of certain words in print from the 1800s to now. Addictive, beware.

2. TELEVISION: Vulture has conveniently compiled the reappearance of The Wire actors in new shows. Who wins most alums? The Good Wife! No wonder I’m obsessed.

3. ICK: Slideshow of grossest t-shirts from The Frisky. Having never slept with a teenager, I’m still willing to bet that teenagers are almost all terrible at it.

4. TEENAGERS: Speaking of teens, here’s why YA sex scenes might do more good than harm (Salon).

5. MARTHA: Martha, Martha, Martha! The rise and fall of the queen, and the debate about “seafoam green.” From NYMag.

6. BOOKS: 100 best last lines of books. Ever.

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