Do You Hope Your Child Will Be Straight?

“Are you gay?” It was my mother asking. We were in the car, the hub for most awkward parent-child conversations, in the middle of a pleasant, but heated debate about parental reactions to coming out. A few friends had recently gone through the process with less-than-enthusiastic responses from their very liberal, highly-educated parents.
“But if you were,” she asked, “Would you worry about telling me?”
“Do you think I would be disappointed?”

*      *       *       *       *

My editor at the GMP pointed out that my essay this week has virtually no men at all. Oh well! It’s about parenting, conversations about sexual orientation and how the assumption of straightness can make it hard for kids to come out, even to the most well-meaning liberal parents. I’d hope it’s pretty gender-neutral. So read on for my man-free article for The Good Men Project.

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11 responses to “Do You Hope Your Child Will Be Straight?

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  3. Hi Emily
    I’ve just submitted a piece to GMP about how my husband ‘outed’ his gay daughter (she was too scared to tell,him, so he told her). I’ll let you know if they publish it. Maybe we should be writing in tandem?

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