Process Story

I can’t decide which advertising comic I like more:

From graphic designer Kimberly at The Secret Housewife

Or this one, in the model of Chutes and Ladders:

From Munna on the Run

Or that joke someone told me my first week at the ad agency:

How many ad men does it take to change a lightbulb? Depends on who you ask:

The copywriter will say “What the hell are you changing it for, it’s perfect.”

The account manager will say, “Have you we told the client we’re changing it?”

The creative director will say, “Our we really sure it has to be a lightbulb in the first place?”

The producer will say, “Goddammit, you should have told me we were changing it a week ago.”

and the media planner will say, “How many people are even going to see it?”

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