Sunday Scraps 26

1. REALITY: Has reality TV gone too far with the suicide of Real Housewives star Russell Armstrong? Virginia Heffernan thinks so, and suggests some sort of “this is fiction!” badge adorning “reality” TV.

2. TESTING: I read a lot about standardized testing and I’ve never heard of the Accuplacer. The Washington Monthly explains why this community college placement test flies under the radar and does more damage than the SAT.

3. DADT: First person accounts from WWII to Iraq from military personnel serving under DADT. Way to go, GQ.

4. MATH: Math is hard! Girls like shopping! Who doesn’t love a good powerpoint slideshow explaining why gender arguments about women in computer science and math are B.S.? Not me.

5. K-Y: Hey, look, there are lesbians on TV and they’re just like any other couple! At least, they’re just like any other couple that KY jelly features in their K-Y Intense ads.

6. HEELS: I could write for days about how we choose which beauty standards to adhere to, but Courtney Martin at The Frisky has done a pretty good job of succinctly summarizing why wearing heels might be one of the worst of them.

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