Sunday Scraps 28

1. REAL: This Hanne Blank essay is featured on I Came to Run this week. It’s the best, most succinct explanation of why any attempt to define what makes a “real woman” is a futile exercise.

2. DATING: The Hairpin did a March Madness style tournament to find The Most Amusingly Horrible Thing Significant Others Have Said. There are some doozies.

3. SPORTS: NYMag summarizes all the reasons why they think a big name male athlete will come out any day now, and why the should.

4. CANCER: Rebecca Armendariz at GOOD writes about how her gchat archives are a record of life she built with Clark, and the cancer battle they fought and lost together. Prepare yourself, this is not a read for public places (unless you are cool with crying in public, which some people are).

5. CAKE: This is Smitten Kitchen entry is a) an amazing recipe for red wine cake that I will be making shortly, and b) the best “how we met” story ever.

6. JANE: The Advocate interviews Jane Lynch about stepmotherhood, coming out, and her incredibly diverse career.

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