5 Books

This week, I’m the “5 Books” interviewee at Persephone Magazine. This is that fun online mag that published my “How to Ace an Interview” piece. They also have a snazzy new design, so check it out.

Though the premise was simple–five people with distinct functions in your life, what book would you recommend?–it was harder than it looked. I emailed the editor my original thoughts, and she responded (fairly) with something to the effect of, “Dude, five books means five books. You can’t list three or four books per category. That would be called ’15 books.'” So I pared it down as best I could. Click to read!

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2 responses to “5 Books

  1. Michaela

    “The Accidental Guerrilla” would be my potential S.O. gift. If he can’t get into that book, we may not be right for each other.

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