Sunday Scraps 29

1. SPORTS: If, a week ago, you had asked me whether college athletes should be paid, I would have said hell to the no. Then  I read this incredibly long but amazing piece from The Atlantic and did a total 180.

2. CELEB: What would a “burn book” look like if it were written by Suri Cruise? Here’s your answer.

3. FLIGHT: Who doesn’t love an infographic of the evolution of airlines. Split and merge, split and merge.

4. OMAR: Mother Jones interviews my favorite gay gangster, Michael K Williams. By which I mean, my favorite actor who played a gay gangster.

5. GIRLS: Is this what you’d want your daughter coloring in at the pizza parlor?

6. SHORT: Fun essay by Leah Finnegan about the lengths to which vertically challenged people can go to get bigger. If you could control your height, how tall would you be?

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