Sunday Scraps 30

1. MINDY: I knew Mindy Kaling was cool, but I didn’t know she was this cool. She wrote a play about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck writing Good Will Hunting, and she played Ben!

2. CEREAL: As a formerly avid reader of cereal boxes, this infographic about the history of advertising of Cinnamon Toast Crunch etc was awesome.

3. TELEVISION: Wired is doing a cool series of interviews with fact-checkers from your favorite shows. Here’s Greg Levine who spends his days calling up local governments to back up the plots of Parks and Rec with real small town crazy.

4. GRAMMAR: The Oxford Comma explained.

5. POLITICS: Really smart people talking smartly about important stuff. It’s Gail Collins and David Brooks debating Mitt Romney and the Republican field.

6. INNOVATION: Thousands of people in the Philippines live in darkness due to affordable and inconsistent electricity. And then, someone figured out this trick with a soda bottle. Let there be light indeed!

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3 responses to “Sunday Scraps 30

  1. Love, love, love the oxford comma explanation. Who wouldn’t understand it, after that explanation? I can just imagine the outrage of parents if their kid’s high school English teacher used that as a teaching tool. Which would be silly. I mean, don’t they WANT their children to learn? This is why standardized test scores are low.

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