Sunday Scraps 31

1. STEVE: There are a ton of great profiles this week of Steve Jobs. Rather than read those, spend 15 minutes listening to his 2005 commencement speech to Stanford University.

2. FEMINISM: This is the latest in the Tropes vs. Women series of clips from Feminist Frequency. Anita Sarkeesian digs into the “straw feminist” cliche, in which feminist characters are pushed to extreme views in order to distance more likable characters from ever identifying with feminism.

3. SPORTS: ESPN‘s “Body Issue” is out, and the gallery is jaw dropping. Spend some time gaping at Apolo Ohno, Gretchen Bleiler and Blake Griffin in the buff.

4. CRAFT: Bettencourt Chase is one of my new favorite all-things-pretty blogs. Crafts, photography, recipes, they’ve got it all. Look at that cake batter sprinkle bark. That’s just ridiculous.

5. POLITICS: Jon Stewart has a grand old time with old footage of Mitt Romney, the flip-flopping king of spin.

6. MICHAEL: Here’s a fun profile in NYMag about writer Michael Lewis and and the fame and fortune that seem to follow his pen (or, as is more likely, Macbook.)

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5 responses to “Sunday Scraps 31

  1. Thank you for the mention!! I love your blog, so I was SUPER excited when I opened my google reader this morning and saw a screenshot of our blog on yours! (I may or may not have squealed. Hah.)

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