Protesting Chicks are HAWT

Earlier this week, I wrote about the sexualization of Halloween (and not just the costumes), and now we’ve got the sexification of something devoid even of costume and camp: Sexy Occupy Wall Street. You read that right. A guy named Steven Greenstreet has made a blog called Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street. There’s a video, too.

These women are beautiful, and as Steven says in his “About” letter, “the video, and the voices within, are honorable and inspiring.” Their voices and stories would be just as honorable and inspiring if the faces behind them weren’t so attractive, right?

There’s something about it that gives me icky feelings and I’m having a hard time identifying exactly what. I think it’s a combination of a) the voyeuristic style, and b) the historical tradition of mitigating the impact of women in progressive movements by emphasizing their beauty.

a) The video and the photos both have this peeping tom quality; it’s quite clear that many of the women didn’t know their photos were being taken. Do they know they’re in a gallery of hot protesting girls? Are they cool with that? Also, it’s invasive, stylistically speaking. The cameras are so close to the subjects that makes me feel claustrophobic just to look at.

b) In college, a speaker came to a class I took and told us about her experience at the UChicago sit-in of 1969. She talked about how the female students were encouraged by their male peers to “get with the movement.” So they did, and it turned out that what the guys meant by “get with the movement,” was “get with the dudes in the movement,” and also, “get some coffee.”

Greenstreet’s little site is not so egregious as that, after all, he does calls them “super smart hot chicks being all protesty.” I just want to make sure he knows that all these hot protesting girls didn’t leave their homes this morning with the intention of being the subject of some progressive voyeur’s jerk-off reel. Their purpose in this movement is not to provide eye candy for the male participants, and I sincerely doubt it was to be gawked at by a dude with a camera.

Or, maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps Greenstreet has a stack of signed release forms.

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11 responses to “Protesting Chicks are HAWT

  1. aviatrixkim

    Best line: “…mitigating the impact of women in progressive movements by emphasizing their beauty.”

    Other best line: …”Get with the dudes in the movement.”

    You’ve won me. I’m a fan. 🙂


  2. I suspect Steven created this blog while his mother was out buying him some new underwear.
    There’s nothing wrong with admiring a woman’s beauty but you should always be discreet and respectful. This blog is the equivalent of having a conversation with a woman while staring at her breasts. It trivialises why they are there and shows that Steven has no real respect or idea of what the OWS movement is or he’d take it more seriously.
    But saying all that, the cynical me, wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a “XXX Occupy Wall Street: The Porn Parody” in the pipeline.

  3. yttk at IBTP said it best…

    “What’s not to love about a bunch of middle class white dudes protesting their oppression? Who doesn’t like a good testosterone-fueled anarchy march?”

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  5. Quinn

    I completely agree. I’m sick of people thinking that ogling and superficial interest is a compliment. Equally sick of overhearing idiots at bars say “Why did that chick give me the go to hell look? If she didn’t want me looking at her, she shouldn’t wear that”.

    • Sigh. She could be wearing “that” for SO MANY REASONS. And none of them are your business! Maybe she doesn’t mind being looked at but doesn’t want to be ogled. There’s a difference!

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