(Belated) Sunday Scraps 33

Fun fact: As a child, I thought “belated” was actually “delated.” It seemed to make an odd sort of linguistic sense, deleted + delayed, right?

1. FACEBOOK: Moms are funny about the interwebs. Here are Bryan’s mom’s voicemails in which she is very concerned about how many friends she has… and this whole “status” thing.

2. ANIMALS: Animals talking in all caps. That is all.

3. PRIDE: I adore this essay about the simple pleasures of coupledom (in honor of Spirit Day) from Lindi at Bettencourt Chase.

4. CLINTON: The people at FunnyOrDie have imagined a secret Clinton Foundation Celebrity Division in which Matt Damon, Ben Stiller, Ted Danson and Kristen Wiig brainstorm top secret Clinton Foundation initiatives. Like a softball team.

5. WORK: Is there any way to take maternity leave and not fall behind? The Globe and Mail seems to think the answer is no.

6. SHOES: Behold.

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6 responses to “(Belated) Sunday Scraps 33

  1. aviatrixkim

    I already stole the “related post” idea. I won’t steal the Sunday scraps too, although it is so very worthy of theft.

    • I stole it from someone else! Blog people say that making your blog “sticky” is a good thing. You want people to bounce around a bit before they leave! You can steal Sunday Scraps too, but call it something else. Saturday Leftovers? Monday Melee?

  2. That really is one of my favorite things Lindi has ever written. Thanks for reposting it! ❤

  3. I checked them all out–good stuff! I also nominated you for Most Versatile Blogger because smart AND funny works. Here is the post:

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