I Want to Be Craftier

Look at what I made:

I didn’t “make” make it. I didn’t sit in front of a pottery wheel or anything, but I designed it and executed my design (flawlessly, if I might add). It says “This Is Emily’s Mug For Delicious Things Like Coffee” because I am secretly an old lady.

Last night, while watching America’s Next Top Model and velcroing the bejeezus out of my Halloween costume, I decided to make a Halloween resolution. You didn’t know that was a thing, but I just made it a thing, so there. I spend far too much time poring over other people’s work on Etsy and blogs like Bettencourt Chase, why can’t I do cool stuff like that too! I have glue, I have scissors, I have a healthy TV addiction that would provide a perfect backdrop to my crafting! Resolved: I’m going to be craftier

Project number one: fashioning one of these adorable frames from The Frisky.

Project number two: Does anyone have any good ideas of what I can do with all the single earrings I have? It’s getting to be quite the collection.

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8 responses to “I Want to Be Craftier

  1. Single earrings? All I can think of is wineglass charms, but who can’t use more of those? And, I agree, Dettmer has transcended craft, but I am not jealous, That is a CRAZY amount of work. I am going to go work on a menstrual calendar. Much easier. Love the mug!

  2. Michaela

    Single earrings often make great necklaces.

  3. I love making resolutions around arbitrary dates. Why only make resolutions once per year? How silly. Single earrings….could use as pretty thumb tacks, maybe on a homeade bulletin board? Or remove the posts and repurpose into rings (or pendants like mentioned above), or create a miniature diorama using the single earrings as artistic “trees” poking out of the ground. Not sure HOW crafty you want to get, haha.

  4. AG

    Are you on Pinterest? Because if not you’re about to overdose on DIY.

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