Could I Fall for the Bus Driver?

Today for the Good Men Project, I wrote a piece with one of those nifty question-marked titles that blogs love to use. It’s called “Could I Fall in Love with the Bus Driver?” It was inspired by Kate Bolick’s Atlantic cover story about contemporary women of a certain class (highly educated, professionally successful) who are running low on “desirable” men.

Bolick’s solution, which I’m in favor of, is to stop pressuring ourselves and each other into thinking coupledom is necessary for happiness. That being said, before we give up the desire to partner up, I think it’s worth thinking about our definitions of “desirable.” When I think about a future partner, one of the biggest, boldest adjectives on my wish list is “ambitious,” and that’s the one I decided to reconsider. So here you are:

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4 responses to “Could I Fall for the Bus Driver?

  1. Does this bus driver write poetry? Teach kids to read? There are a lot of ways to be ambitious.

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