Halloween Post-Mortem

My costume was a hit:

The hat said "Boo"

At least, I thought it was a hit, and let’s be real, that’s all that matters. I wish the many hours I’d spent velcroing the pieces together had paid off with some clever interactive gamesmanship, but aside from some friends’ brilliant dirty wordplay (squint, you can probably read it), not too many folks figured out it was play-able. That might have been because they were drunk, it was dark, and nobody besides me wants to play Scrabble on Halloween. When I called hypothetical dibs on any eligible gentleman dressed as Boggle or Bananagrams, my roommate rolled her eyes and pointed out that, duh, there would be no competition for such men and my dibs was quite unnecessary.

I’m pretty sure y’all can guess where I stand on the whole Slut-o-ween issue. As usual, I’m in favor of sexy times for discerning adults who choose skin as a method of self-expression. I’m not in favor of the oppressive sexualization of the holiday that declares that for women, a successful costume is one with the least cloth possible. I’m also not in favor of marketing that persists in trying to sexualize children. Enough about that, you can read about it pretty much everywhere.

Instead, I present to you some of my favorite Halloween goodies.

  • Collection of excellent cartoons by Jillian Tamaki sexing up everything from smelly old gym sock to Virginia Woolf.
  • An articulate post full of examples of the terrible misogyny of “Indian Princess” costumes from Native Appropriations.
  • Heidi Klum is a BAMF.
  • Clues to my favorite costume of the evening: Girl in bustier, stockings, garters, etc. Handcuffs dangling off one hand, ball gag around her neck. Santa cap on her head.

It was a great Halloween. Ate a ton of candy, celebrity-spotted Michael from The Biggest Loser, and pranced around Boystown with a big bad wolf, little red riding hood, a Cardinals fan, Sarah Jessica Parker from Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Daria and Jane, Netflix, a variation on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and Calvin (with a stuffed Hobbes). Also, we ate this:

Pumpkin and squash stuffed with cheese and bread

Be jealous.

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4 responses to “Halloween Post-Mortem

  1. Hey, I think that’s an awesome costume. ๐Ÿ™‚ And playable! Bravo.

  2. Kudos to Scrabble costume, bonus points for hat–maybe a Triple Word Score? I was bummed because a bunch of our friends went to Vegas for Halloween without me, but then I heard there was some Dominatrix spanking women from our group. I am sure it was all in fun, but I was weirded out by the idea of being pressured to be publicly spanked (skirts UP) onstage for the roaring amusement of other people. I don’t know if that makes me uptight or simply sensible. Either way, Halloween was not noteworthy on this end. BTW, what is a BAME?

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