Sunday Scraps 35

1. CATS: What happens when you teach your cat to IM? Shane Cyr imagines the results in ate mini “episode” called Louis vs. Rick.

2. SPORTS: Some countries are making skirts mandatory for women’s boxing. Others are strongly suggesting the outfits. Why? So that the competitors can be differentiated from men. Um… what?

3. MAGIC: New York Times does a look back on the twenty years since Magic Johnson announced he was HIV positive.

4. CELEBRITY: What does Lebron James have in common with Kim Kardashian? NYMag says they both may have pushed their fans just a little too far.

5. BIZ: Some of the world’s most powerful women like Christine Lagarde and Jill Abramsom reflect on the stereotypes of women in business (i.e. The Ice Queen).

6. BOOKS: The new University of Chicago library is the coolest thing since the printing press, even the NYT thinks so. Whattup alma mater.

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