Is a coat hanger just a coat hanger?

You’d think with all the focus grouping, copy testing, and oh, I don’t know, common sense, shit like this would not make out into the public domain:

This is the real-life, no joke, you MUST be kidding banner of a maternity site (via Copyranter)

See what they did there with the “2?” It’s a coat hanger. On a baby website.

Does this mean we’re in an era where a wire coat hanger no longer carries the back-alley abortion connotation? Is a coat hanger just a coat hanger?

I don’t mean to get all dramatic (yes I do), but when Mississippi just tried to declare a fertilized egg a person, I think it is important to remember what some of the consequences to abortion bans look like. We’ve been there before. Well, not me, I wasn’t alive. But as a country, we know that people don’t stop having abortions just because we make laws against them. We know that abortions can become secret, dangerous procedures that jeopardize the health of the women who have to surreptitiously find them.

I don’t think Room for Two is pushing an agenda with their coat hanger banner. I really just think that the associations the image conjures for me are not as prevalent as I would have thought. I shouldn’t be surprised; women’s health and reproductive rights aren’t exactly our nation’s top priority these days.

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4 responses to “Is a coat hanger just a coat hanger?

  1. Wire Coat Hangers=abortion and also Joan Crawford. Maybe they aren’t being clueless, maybe they are saying abortion=wire hangars used for evil and we don’t do that, we keep our hangars on the rod and use them for sweet iconography. Otherwise who would ever think of using a hangar? But it is in poor taste. Gives a chill.

  2. Yikes! What the hell?! How does that make any sense… hm.

  3. imafaghag

    It probably didn’t cross anyone’s mind. If you’re young and uninformed about the women’s rights movement (and let’s face it, the vast majority of people are) then it is a hanger. Furthermore, in order to test this theory I just asked a bunch of my friends what they thought of when they saw a coat hanger and no one mentioned abortion.

  4. I’m with on the wire hanger association. In fact, I had to look at that banner several times before I could see the ‘2’ (even now I only see it because I know it’s there)–the first thing I thought of was back-alley abortive practices.

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