The Sexperience 1000 (I promise I did not come up with that name)

In sex ed in 11th grade, we played that get-to-know-you game with a line of tape on the floor and categorical allegiances called by the teacher. She’d say “I’m the oldest child,” and if you fit the statement, you’d cross the line and then we’d collectively discuss the category. The point of the game is to watch as people move back and forth across the line and realize that everyone truly is a beautiful snowflake. Or something. Not entirely sure. It got super weird for me around religion, but that’s a story for another time.

The point is, this interactive series of charts called The Sexperience 1000 is basically like that game, except digital and way cooler because it wasn’t restrained by highschool guidelines of propriety. It’s a survey of 1,000 UK residents, and as you move through the questions, the individual respondents appear to march in and out of circles. Ladies are pink, gentleman are blue, and you can do all sorts of fun filters by age, sexual orientation, etc. For example:

Click to enlarge

Totally fascinating, right? Look at all the dudes self-conscious about pleasing their partners? And not surprisingly, the “shape of my body” is mostly pink. I’m kind of thrilled that such a huge chunk of respondents say they aren’t self-conscious about anything. Either they’re lying, or they should be explaining their tricks to the rest of us.

Here’s another one, but you really should go check it out and explore at your own pace:

Click to enlarge

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