You Don’t See That Every Day

Is that a fitness model stretching? Is she a pretty average-sized woman? Wait…. does that mean that non-thin women invest in their health too? Baffling!

I’m only startled by images like this (from Fitness) because of how rare they are in the canon of exercise photography. If you judged from the size of the models sporting work-out gear in catalogs and on fitness sites, you might think that the only women that work out are ones who are already thin. I recognize that there’s supposedly something aspirational about uber-fit models sporting spandex, but personally, I’m just intimidated by it. As a curvy lady who is also concerned with nutrition, health, and fitness, it’s nice to be reminded that fitness-minded size-12s exist.

Furthermore, when said size-12s do exercise, wouldn’t it be great if the world didn’t stomp all over them? Exhibit A: Khloe Kardashian. Girlface takes shit for her size every single day, but handles the haters with grace. This week, the interwebz went berserk over a make-up free, post-gym photo of the Kardashian. She responded:

“It’s crazy to me that if I don’t go to the gym I get judged,” she wrote. “If I do, I still get judged. Yes, when you work out, you sweat [and] get red.”

I don’t know about you, but after the gym, I’m a blotchy, panting, dripping, wobbly fool.

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7 responses to “You Don’t See That Every Day

  1. Thanks! I try 🙂 Mostly unsuccessfully, but you know how it goes!

  2. love. a lot of yoga magazines seem to be OKAY at putting regular-ish people in their ads.

  3. Laura

    This is great.

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