Pin Up

As if I’m not enrolled in enough social networks (I once counted ten), I’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. All the cool kids were doing it, and you know how I feel about being cool.

I’ve already talked about how much I like lists, and counting. I like anything that lets me display and organize things at will, like the sewing kit box I use for my earrings, or the binders I used to keep with laminated pictures out of Vogue (back when I thought I was going to be a fashion designer… HA). Had I been into baseball, I definitely would have collected and then constantly rearranged my cards. Pinterest is that… for grown-ups…. on the internets.

But none of this is new to you because, like I said, I’m uber late to the game. Whatever, I’m here now! Find me, friend me, follow me, pin me,….what’s the right verb here?

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4 responses to “Pin Up

  1. Thanks, I’m not sure I am ready for Pinterest, but thanks to you I am on the verge of buying several products from Daily Grommet. Yesterday I bought Marian Call albums thanks to Amy from Lucy’s football. Blogging is getting expensive.

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