I have been horizontal 95% of the last two days thanks to a nasty little bug making the rounds. Have no fear, it was a highly productive 48 hours; I watched the entirety of FX’s The League, made some Christmas ornaments, ate nothing but macaroni and cheese, and read 400 pages of Game of Thrones. There was also a lot of napping.

I know I’m really sick when I don’t even want to dick around on the internet. When I finally feel like embracing the bright glare of my laptop screen, I’m instantly overwhelmed by my overflowing inboxes and the triple digit count in my reader. So I take another nap.

Anyway, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. WTF, right? When did that happen? I’m packing my sniffling self onto a plane in a few hours to join the mad rushes of crazy people trying to crisscross the country on the 23rd. Brilliant planning, eh? I’ll be down for the count for a few days, but back up here with some more end ‘o year lists before the New Year!


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  1. Uggh. I woke up sick on Christmas morning. Suckity suck! I hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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