The Most Self-Aggrandizing Post Yet

I did a little recap post around the new year, crunching numbers on this blog experience, and sharing some thanks with people that have pushed it along.

This is a different post and it took a little more pondering before it was ready to share. This post is about all of the things I’m really proud of writing in 2011. These are pieces that incited some internet haters (including one who hopes I get herpes), linked me up with fascinating people, or sparked some interesting conversations and counterarguments. Most of them are dear to my heart simply because the journey from hazy inkling in my brain to coherent explanation of my world view was particularly long and treacherous, and therefore more rewarding:

The Best Things I Wrote Last Year (in my very biased opinion)

So there you have it. Shameless plugs, all of them, but if you enjoyed reading any of them half as much as I enjoyed writing them, then I’ll call 2011 a big success.

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