Sunday Scraps 43

1. CLASS: It’s official, and probably has been for a while, the myth of American mobility is just that… a myth. The NYT examines a handful of studies comparing the potential to pull a Horatio Alger in the U.S. vs. Europe.

2. MAKEOVER: The Frisky has a slide show of movie makeovers, and the messages we learn as we watch ugly ducklings (like Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Leigh Cook) transform into swans.

3 . WORK: Did you know that multi-tasking apparently makes you dumber than if you were stoned? That, and more fun facts from the highly productive people at Inc.

4. DANNY: Private Danny Chen killed himself on a military base in Afghanistan. Now eight of his peers are on trial for their role in his death. This article from NYMag doesn’t ask every question I want answered, but the narrative of Asian-Americans in the military is still a picture I’ve rarely, if ever, seen painted.

5. RUSSELL: Apparently, Jimmy Fallon is getting kind of good at this Russell Brand impression.

6. RESOLUTION: Miss the boat on New Year’s resolutions? Thought Catalog has you covered with resolutions for the resolution-less 20-something.

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