Girl Scouts

This has been making the Facebook rounds, and I can’t help but giggle:

Apparently, this is meant to discourage parents from enrolling their daughters in the greatest cookie selling scheme of all time. If I had known this was how they rolled, I might not have pitched such a fit in first grade when my mom tried to sign me up. To this day, I don’t know why I was so repelled by the sash-wearers, but I was, and my mom still counts it as one of my worst temper tantrums.

My favorite part of this “warning” is a toss-up between “gay role models” (EGADS! COULD THERE BE SUCH A THING?), the use of “new age” (What does that even mean? Patchouli and Kenny G?), and the opposition to “good” and “information-based” sex education. Obviously, we would much prefer the “bad” and “crackpot-based” sex ed for our kids.

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3 responses to “Girl Scouts

  1. Sbm52

    Way interesting…..who would have guessed!

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