Big thanks to the provider of this boa, which has left a pink and fluffy trail around Chicago

On Saturday, I celebrated what my roommate described as my platinum birthday. 24 on 2/4. These are the people for whom I am as grateful as any 24-year-old can be:

  • My mom. On 2/4/88, I was just a passenger, she did all the work.
  • My dad, who watched as my mom’s organs were lifted out of her one after another to clear a path for me, the emergency C-section. “You know that scene at the end of Braveheart? Yeah…. it was like that.”
  • My brother, who suggested we finish our Words with Friends game after midnight, because “no one should be a loser on their birthday.”
  • You awesome, amazing, brilliant, beautiful, coolest fucking friends in the world who a) shopped for edible glitter, b) baked a surprise cake, c) sent various Scrabble themed gifts, d) filled my fridge with booze, and e) brought your single, straight, male friends just in case I wanted to get laid. You guys rock so hard.

Cheesy birthday post? Check. Deal with it, as I was instructed to repeat all evening, “I’m the birthday girl!”

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  1. What a cool shout out! My platinum birthday was when I was 14, which wasn’t too exciting lol. Being 24 is strange…I don’t know if I like it! Hope its awesome for you 😀

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