Race for the Cure?

This is a picture of me and two friends at the 2010 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure:

We look pretty badass, no? I was so proud to finish that race (1:06!). It’s the longest one I’ve ever completed and it represented the culmination of my journey from never-runner to sometimes-runner. I was proud to raise money and to demonstrate with my actions and efforts a commitment to health for myself and for women across the country.

Sigh. You’re probably familiar with the hullaballoo over Susan G. Komen’s grantmaking process changes that seemed remarkably well-targeted to negatively affect Planned Parenthood (a recipient of $600,000+ in grant money for breast cancer screenings). I had no beef with Komen, besides the annoying pink ribbons plastered over everything. There’s much that has been written about the sexualization of breast cancer fundraising (“Saving Second Base”), but I still believed that Komen’s fundamental goal was a good one. Not so sure about that anymore.

This year, I have a new plan, and you are all more than welcome to get on board. Come September, I will be running a 10K alongside thousands of other racers. I will not be a registered runner, however, and my t-shirt will announce that I stand with Planned Parenthood. Stay tuned, I’ll be asking y’all for donations.

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