Rosie in the News #2

It’s time for another round of Rosie in the News!

In 1942, the Ad Council created everyone’s favorite advertising category, the public service announcement. Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires! Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk! Just Say No! More recently, you may have seen the Ad Council’s work during the NBA season with the Grant Hill “Think B4 You Speak” campaign about using “gay” as an epithet.

The Ad Council is also responsible for, you guessed, Rosie the Riveter herself. The posters are celebrated as “the most successful recruiting” campaign in American history and indirectly led to 2 million women entering the war effort in the early 1940s. To celebrate 70 years of PSAs, the Ad Council has launched a new Facebook campaign called “Rosify Yourself.”

It’s an engagement campaign, of course, so you have to Like the page to play with the Rosie game. Don’t worry, I liked it for you so you can see how it works:

This is kind of cool, right? I much prefer this use of Rosie to Lasik’s attempt to sell eye surgery…

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2 responses to “Rosie in the News #2

  1. Love this. And you look great in the picture. It should keep you inspired – as if you needed that!

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