Why I Believe Men Belong in the Feminist Movement

You know you’ve chosen a particularly thorny issue when people pick it apart from both sides. Hurrah! After a bit of a hiatus (for some logistical and also vaguely undefined philosphical reasons) I am back at the Good Men Project with a piece called “Why I Believe Men Belong in the Feminist Movement.” It’s taking a bit of a beating, but that’s cool, because that’s what writing in the internet is all about!

In and among the crazies, there are some really great comments that are making me rethink a few of the words I chose. Namely “oppressive” and “restricted.” Take a read for yourself and see what you think:

And then there are comments like this: “Feminism is the most heartless and cruel abomination in modern Western culture.  Feminists have all the “compassion” for men that Alabama plantation owners felt for African slaves.  This includes both the heartless norm, and the very very infrequent exception.”

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5 responses to “Why I Believe Men Belong in the Feminist Movement

  1. Good for you for continuing to try, and great article. Personally, I’m done with the psychotalk over there. 🙂

  2. Its all very well when “fun feminists” define feminism as what it means to them and how things should be, but what do the feminists that actually have power and run the movement have to say about men and feminism?


    And I think that feminist women, when writing about men’s issues, should actually write about men’s issues as opposed to promoting their own issues and repeating misandrist radical feminist narratives like patriarchy theory and rape culture, in the guise of writing for men

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