Sunday Scraps 48

1. OCCUPY: Guest post at Sociological Images by Celia Emmelhainz on the rhetoric of luck in the national conversation about the OWS movement. What and who do we consider “lucky,” and why?

2. ADELE: Love this Vogue interview with Adele mostly because they abstain from discussing her body and instead focus on interesting stuff like why she’s a great girlfriend and her thing for Alec Baldwin.

3. WRITING: Jonathan Lethem in Harpers on the question of intellectual copyright. We all borrow, he says, and that’s a good thing. How ironic is it that Disney, one of the biggest cultural appropriaters or all time, guards their content with such zeal? Also, the end notes may just be the best part.

4. LIBRARY: Phonebooths as mini-libraries. Let’s take outdated technology and convert it into storage for additional outdated technology! Adorable!

5. ART: NextLevel Squad does something called a “Zilla March” through the NYC Subway system. There are gas masks, double-jointed shoulders, and some very confused commuters.

6. PORN: Thought Catalog has an interview with one of my favorites, feminist/queer pornographer Tristan Taormino.

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