Rosie in the News: The Sandra Fluke Edition

I’d present this edition of Rosie in the News without comment, but I feel like it needs a pretty big WTF:

Found at Death by a Thousand Papercuts

Can’t find the original artist, but I found it at this site.  As a counterpoint, see someecards:

I still feel like the strongest counterpoint at the moment is the Viagra argument. How can you be in favor of Viagra being covered by health insurance but not birth control? If God had wanted you to have an erection, he would have given you a fucking erection, not an insurance-provided pill, right? Isn’t that the argument?

Or at the very least, if women need notes from their doctors (!!!) promising their birth control is for a medical condition and not slutty slutty non-marital sex, shouldn’t men need a note from their priests or something promising the Viagra their insurance paid for will only be used for babymaking? Or maybe Viagra shouldn’t be covered by insurance for gay men, since they are not using it for God-sanctioned intercourse. And if your wife is past child-bearing age, no Viagra for you, since sex is only for procreation!

I don’t actually think Viagra shouldn’t be covered by insurance, for the record. I’m all in favor of enabling people to have happily functioning genitalia. I just want the idea of happy, healthy sex and happy, healthy family planning to be part of the equation.

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